England v Spain

International friendlies mid season are pretty tough to get excited about, even when you have 2 countries with the football pedigree of England and Spain. We will get to the game shortly but first the point needs to be made that these fixtures need to scrapped quickly. Managers learn next to nothing as players are thinking about Saturday. Surely a deal can be done to scrap the mid season stuff and swap it for an end of season tournament in the years without a world cup or Euro’s? Group the top 4 in the Fifa word rankings and then move down the list placing teams in groups based on their Fifa ranking.

If that was decided now then England would be in a group with Uruguay, Spain and Wales. It should carry a lot of points and so go a long way to deciding which group you qualified for next time out. Each team would only play 3 games with a simple league table showing the winner. Fans would enjoy it and coaches would actually learn something, it would also for the first time make people interested in Fifa’s points system.

As for tonights feast what do we think will happen? Spain start as slights favs and have some pretty serious injury worries at the back. England with Rooneys injury should field a pretty strong 11, although Vardy up top is a worry at this level.

If you fancy Spain then Hills are top price at 2.625. Away from home with injuries this feels a little short to us, go with England at 3.0 with Betfred

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