Leicester v Liverpool, Saturday 5.30

This is now a very big game for Liverpool, having drawn and lost the last 4 matches all of which they could have won they are under pressure and have actually played pretty well. The fact they keep missing chances and conceding soft goals means that they are under pressure and are now more likely to do the exact things they are trying to sort out.

However they are a very good side. We feel most of the pressure is unjustified as despite the bad results they have played great. If Liverpool fans want exiting free flowing football then this run is the price you sometimes have to pay.

Leicester at home are a very good side. Although not the same threat they were two seasons ago they still pose a huge danger to what is likely to be a fragile Liverpool.

Liverpool are 1.95 with Betfred which looks a strong price.

However we think Leicester will sore so suggest you go for both teams to bag at least one at 1.69 with 10 Bet.

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Can the Lions bounce back?

Any thoughts that this Lions team could smash New Zealand aside were well and truely removed by the battering they took in the 1st test. Both sides are fantastic rugby teams,right up there in the all time great sides, however its New Zealand who have that extra level of magic.

It’s hard to see a way for the Lions to turn this around now. Starts are so important and the Lions blew it. That extra ounce of pressure on every play means for us New Zealand look like great value at 1.33 with Hills.

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2017 NBA Finals

OAKLAND, Calif. — This 2017 Golden State Warriors championship was as much a tribute to LeBron James as it was a triumph over him. The fact that the Warriors needed to add Kevin Durant to the core of a team that won 73 regular-season games and pushed James to the brink of elimination in the 2016 NBA Finals was just as relevant as the compulsion Durant felt to join this team in order to get a ring.

It’s not as simple as “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” When Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder blew a 3-1 lead of their own to the Warriors in the 2016 Western Conference finals, Durant had still won two more games against Stephen Curry than he did against James the first time they squared off in the 2012 NBA Finals. Curry, he could beat. Probably should’ve beat. But they needed to align to defeat James and Kyrie Irving.

“LeBron was the driving force,” a Durant confidant said of his league-changing decision to join the Warriors.
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So Durant made the necessary choice. He left the only franchise he had played for since his rookie season in 2007-08. He endured the ridicule, the questions about his fortitude. He did it all for these moments, several of them really, building all season and throughout the 129-120 victory in Game 5. There was a slight fist pump to the crowd as Curry shot free throws. There were the half-skips, half-gallops after making big shots in the fourth quarter. There was the bend over near midcourt with less than a minute left in the game as he tried to inhale the magnitude of it all, while Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala exhorted him to keep playing and finish it off. (No one is more qualified to speak on the importance of finishing it off than the members of the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors).

Finally, after the confetti fell and the stage was hastily erected on the court and the Warriors and their family members celebrated, did you notice that Durant held the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy up with two hands, for much longer than the quick, one-handed pump of the Bill Russell award for the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player?

The big one was the more meaningful one. The slender Russell award felt like a foregone conclusion two games in, and it was voted unanimously by an 11-member media panel after Durant averaged 35 points, eight rebounds and five assists during the series. Durant outscored James in three of the five games. Durant had a bigger impact, even though James averaged a triple-double in the series. Durant was the story of Game 3, even though James and Irving combined for 77 points, because Durant scored the seven biggest points in crunch time.


England v Spain

International friendlies mid season are pretty tough to get excited about, even when you have 2 countries with the football pedigree of England and Spain. We will get to the game shortly but first the point needs to be made that these fixtures need to scrapped quickly. Managers learn next to nothing as players are thinking about Saturday. Surely a deal can be done to scrap the mid season stuff and swap it for an end of season tournament in the years without a world cup or Euro’s? Group the top 4 in the Fifa word rankings and then move down the list placing teams in groups based on their Fifa ranking.

If that was decided now then England would be in a group with Uruguay, Spain and Wales. It should carry a lot of points and so go a long way to deciding which group you qualified for next time out. Each team would only play 3 games with a simple league table showing the winner. Fans would enjoy it and coaches would actually learn something, it would also for the first time make people interested in Fifa’s points system.

As for tonights feast what do we think will happen? Spain start as slights favs and have some pretty serious injury worries at the back. England with Rooneys injury should field a pretty strong 11, although Vardy up top is a worry at this level.

If you fancy Spain then Hills are top price at 2.625. Away from home with injuries this feels a little short to us, go with England at 3.0 with Betfred

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Sunderland v Arsenal, Saturday the 29th of Oct at 12.30

Sunderland have to land a punch soon otherwise no matter how well they play after Christmas they are going to be down. They don’t score many and seem completely unable to come back if they do go a goal down.

So all in all they could probably do without the visit of Arsenal. Sunderland have used up their easy games and now face a tough run that will define their season.

Arsenal tend to be better at getting results away from home where teams come onto them more and we don’t see any reason why they will not win this one.

The price is short but fair as they really only need 1 if they score first.

188 are top at 1.42

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Crystal Palace v Liverpool, Saturday the 29th of Oct at 5.30

Liverpool are genuine title contenders and these are the sort of games that decide the title. Most of the favs will win most of their home games against teams below them in the league, the team that gets 3 points most often from this sort of fixture will come out on top.

Palace have lost their last 2 and although they have got some quality in their side they are lacking pace, and that is likely to be telling against this high intensity Liverpool side.

Liverpool played midweek but rested nearly everyone so that is not really a factor.

Liverpool we think are backable just at a top price of 1.73 with betfred

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Everton v West Ham, 30th Oct at 1.30

Everton have not won for 5 games and if they are to keep up with the Champions League places and from that hold onto Lukaku then these are must win games. Their run has included a good point at City so they will still feel confident.

We do like Everton for this game, they have enough quality to get the 3 points at home. However the price is awful. You can get 1.8 at Hills

which is about the best out there and for us that is not enough to temp us into parting with hard earned cash.

The issue is that West Ham are in better form having won their last 2 and really have a very similar amount of quality, so it is hard to see where 1.8 comes from.

We think back West Ham on the Asian line of +1, that way if Everton do nick it you get your money back. The best price for that bet is with 1.64 with VC

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Southampton v Chelsea, Sunday 26th Oct at 4.00

Any true armchair football fans will be looking forward to this one. It does not perhaps have the glamour of a Manchester Derby but for quality and form it promises to be one of the games of the season.

Chelsea have pulled themselves right back into the title race after looking dead and gone a few weeks back and Saints after their usual slow start are playing the best football in the league.

It makes it a tough game to call as both have midweek league cup games where they will rest most players and both will want the full 3 points.

If you fancy Chelsea to carry on where they left off against United then you can bag them at a top price of 2.37 with 32 Red.

As good as Chelsea were last time out we think Saints will get something from this. They are playing fantastic football and will in our opinion score, not sure if they can get all 3 points but they will be competitive. You can back them on the Asian line + 0.5 at 1.69 with VC

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United V City, Saturday 12.30

They don’t come much bigger than this match up. Its billed as the most expensive game ever in terms of talent on the pitch, although really that should qualify it as the worst value squads ever collected when you look at Barca V Real as a comparison.

Anyway lets just say its a big game. United have no real injury worries apart from Luke Shaw and are at home. They now have someone up front who causes any defense issues and a solid back 4. City are missing their best player but perhaps still have the better squad and are certainly well set up for playing on the break.

With that taken into account its hard to pick a winner, so in our view don’t. Back the draw at a tasty looking 3.3 at Hills

Apart from being well balanced they would rather both not lose than win. If they draw they are on 10 points each from 4 games and will both go away happy.

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Liverpool v Leicester, Saturday 5.30

The Champions travel to Liverpool in the Saturday evening game and it looks like an interesting match up. Liverpool have looked pretty good in all their games so far but still seem to be struggling to put the ball in the net. Leicester had a bad result against Hull but since then look more like their old selves.

Liverpool look very short at a best price of just 1.67 at Paddy Power. 

We prefer to take Leicester on the Asian lines. You can back them + 1 at 188 at a massive 1.84.

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